Through the ups and downs, and frankly the ins and outs… One thing last year really hammered home to us is what a community we have here at Chikara!

It was one of the most difficult years many of us have had to live through, but you all stayed positive and adapted superbly well to the changes we were forced to make to how classes were conducted… As a coaching team we worked tirelessly to ensure we innovated where we could, after a significant investment in the club with the return to The Dojo at the beginning of the year. You supported us on each and every step.

Folks, we have a club and setup that we should be extremely proud of. As fighters, we survived 2020 and will push on to 2021 with a smile on our face!

Our Zoom classes are one way we’re keeping your progress and fitness within this incredible martial art moving forward, but there is so much more to come before we finally return (hopefully soon) to face to face training in The Dojo!

Stay tuned!