Our next Women’s Self Defence 8 week block starts on April 24th.

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Our next block will begin on Sunday the 24th of April and cost £75 (8 week course). 10am – 11am each Sunday.


It has been said many times that women shouldn’t have to learn to defend themselves because the problem does not lie with them, it lies with men who think it’s ok to attack women. Men should change. I couldn’t agree more…..but what I teach in every area of life is that you cannot hand your power over to someone else and hope that they will do the right thing. You have to take your power back and take responsibility for your own safety. Why? Because you are the one who will be held accountable if you are targeted by a predator and whether you decide to learn to defend yourself or not, there will be consequences for that decision; Consequences that could lead to you losing your life or not getting home to see your loved ones at the end of the day.

Lawrence Clifford
Chief Instructor


At Chikara we teach an 8 week course on the fundamentals of how to defend yourself mentally, physically and emotionally. Learning how to become mentally aware of your surroundings can help you to avoid potential confrontations or violent situations. If you are unable to avoid a confrontation, we will teach you tools and techniques on how to deal with the situation on a physical level. Alongside a confrontation comes a gamut of emotions that will hit you like a runaway train, and unless dealt with, will cause you to lose your ability to shout, scream and take control of the situation. We will cover all aspects on the course. 

Bottom line is every woman, young and old should be able to walk down the street and feel safe…..just don’t give that power over to someone else and hope! Take your power back and rely on you. Chikara means power and strength. Your inner power, your inner strength. Now is the time to believe in you. 

Once you have completed the 8 week course, you will then be eligible to go on to our women’s self-defence class that will run on a weekly basis, for those who want to take the training to the next level. 

Please come and join us on our course at the Dojo which has been built to serve you and our community.

Your instructors will be Lorraine Sneddon 3rd Dan, Nikki Martin 2nd Dan and Lawrence Clifford 7th Dan.

We look forward to seeing you on the course.


Included in the package – Personal security alarm, T shirt to wear each week and a completion certificate at the end of the 8 weeks.

Please click the link below to complete our booking form:
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Lawrence Achieves his 7th Dan

Lawrence Achieves his 7th Dan

We were absolutely honoured to have Sensei Terry Connell, our association Chief Instructor and President of Scottish Karate, visit The Dojo last night! Sensei Connell took our class last and finished with the presentation of the 7th Dan to our head instructor Lawrence...